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How To Care For Your Gold Jewelry


Throughout history women have had a love affair with gold. From ancient Egyptians to modern New Yorkers the lure of gold jewelry is still going strong. The basic designs have changed to follow current styles, making it possible to trace history through the designs on jewelry.

Gold is one of the softer metals and can be easily worked even with the crudest tools. It can be fashioned into jewelry, ornaments, and even dishes. When properly polished gold holds a luster that is very pleasing to the eye, which is one of the reasons it has always been so highly prized. But when gold is worn close to the skin or with other metals it can lose some of its shine.

Basic Home Care Instructions

Gold jewelry worn on an everyday basis can become dull and dingy. Because of the malleability of gold, it is often mixed with other stronger metals to ensure that it will hold its shape better and longer. It is these other alloys in the mixture that are actually changing color. This slight change in color or dullness can be easily

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Caring For Your Fashion Jewelry


For most women, wearing fashion jewelry is an easy way to try fresh new looks or to perk up your existing wardrobe. Keeping your jewelry looking its best will help keep you look your best too. Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry is commonly made from less expensive materials and adorned with glass, plastic or synthetic stones. Unlike fine jewelry that can be refurbished to like new condition, an item of fashion jewelry that falls into a state of disrepair cannot always be restored. Caring for your accessories regularly and knowing what to avoid will allow you to enjoy your cool vintage piece or your fresh new necklace, bracelet, ring or set of earrings longer.

Taking time out once a month to care for your fashion accessories will keep it in good condition. Simply wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove any surface dust. Use an extra soft toothbrush to remove any dust or debris that might be hiding in crevices or clasps, don’t forget to check between beads if your item has them. Then, simply use the

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Women Fashion Jewelry


Women are the loveliest creation of God. However, to preserve the beauty, it is very important that we should take more preventive measures. Similarly, to enhance your beauty that is less with age, it is also important that we should use several things that can make them more beautiful, even with age. Out of many things available that can enhance the beauty of women, jewelry is the top one in the list. It is a very important part of fashion from ancient times. As far as fashion is concerned every women would like to adorn themselves with latest some or the other trends every day.

In the modern era of indian fashion, It is the creation of a new history for itself. Both guys and girls are supporting funky and traditional indian Jewellery. It is not only focused on the earlobes or s around the neck like a necklace, but it is also worn artistically on the nose, eyebrows, tongue etc.

Manufacturers of fashion jewelry are known to be real designers and manufacturers of contemporary as well as traditional Jewellery. Manufacturers have the infrastructure and team to create different

How to Care For Your Favorite Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry or ornaments are one of the most sought after and favorite fashion accessories these days. They are a great fascination among teenagers, especially girls. Even many celebrities can be seen wearing silver ornaments nowadays. All this shows the widespread popularity of sterling silver jewelry. But, there is one issue with these adornments that they are subject to tarnishing. Many people want to purchase the silver adornments, but they stop themselves due the reason that they don’t know how to maintain these jewelry items. Let’s tell you that maintaining these ornaments is not as complicated a job as it seems to be. We have given under few simple, yet effective methods that will tell you how to care for your favorite sterling silver jewelry:

  • The most simple and feasible way of retaining the elegance of your beautiful sterling silver adornments is to wear them as much as you can; it might sound strange, but it’s true. Many people think that our skin oils might spoil the silver jewelry we wear; it’s nothing more than a total fallacy. Indeed, the oils produced by the human skin jazzes up the sheen of the sterling silver ornaments. So,

How to Care Your Gemstone Je welry

Even though gemstones are among the most durable of substances, they still require some TLC (tender loving care). To keep your precious jewelry in mint condition, just a few simple steps and precautions will help you achieve your goal.

The reason why even the hardest gemstone variety can be vulnerable to breakage is if it has inclusions. An inclusion is any material that is trapped inside a gemstone during its formation. All gemstones are natural occurring rock forms, so it is only natural for stones to have inclusions. With this is mind, always remember to take off your jewelry before doing any strenuous activity or high impact sports. This is to prevent jewelry from getting scratched as well as from tarnishing due to sweat.

To avoid your jewelry from becoming dull, apply cosmetics, hairspray, cologne or perfume before putting on gemstone jewelry. Apart from that, chlorine and related chemicals can severely damage, discolour and sometimes loosen stones and their settings. So remember to remove your jewelry when going for a swim in the pool.

After wearing, it is a good practice to wipe your precious gemstone jewelry thoroughly with a soft, clean and slightly

How to Care For Your Jewelry

For centuries now, a lot of people have enjoyed wearing costume jewelry. This is because fashion jewelry is both fashionable and affordable. You can find everything from plastic jewelry to handcrafted designs.

Once you purchase a piece of costume jewelry, it is important to take care of it properly. Here are some tips to help you with this:

1. Never leave your jewelry in the bathroom or anywhere else that is wet because this will tarnish it.

2. Whenever you are not wearing your fashion jewelry, make sure to store it where it will not become tangled, which is harmful.

3. If you are taking your jewelry with you on a trip, make sure to carry it in a roll. This is a soft jewelry organizer that will keep your jewelry protected.

4. Make sure to keep hairspray and perfume away from your costume jewelry because the acid in these items can harm your jewelry.

5. It is important to keep your costume jewelry out of the sun. This is because a lot of the materials that are used in making this jewelry can be negatively affected by the sun.

Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, but they aren’t indestructible and can be damaged or dulled. Caring for a diamond takes more than the occasional cleaning. Diamonds are forever, but they can be damaged if you are not careful. By learning how to properly care for your diamond, you will ensure that your diamond is indeed forever. Caring for a diamond is fairly simple and there are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your precious stone.

With these helpful guidelines, you can keep your precious jewelry safe and preserve its eternal state.

  • Don’t jumble your diamond jewelry together or with other pieces, because diamonds can scratch other jewelry and each other. If this happens, the clarity of the diamond will be affected.
  • Scratches are external blemishes that can reduce a diamond’s value. So if you want your diamond jewelry to retain its high price value, be sure to keep it in separate boxes. You can use a fabric-lined jewel case or a box with separate compartments or dividers.
  • Don’t wear your diamonds when doing rough work. Even though a diamond is durable, a hard blow can chip it. Do not wear

How to Care for Gold Jewelry

Does your gold trendy jewelry impress like it did when you first got it? If the answer is no, then your gold jewelry likely hasn’t been cleaned in awhile, or maybe you’ve never cleaned it at all. Not to worry — this precious metal is actually fairly easy to clean and it doesn’t take too long. However, if there is some serious grime that won’t come off, you may need to take it to a professional for cleaning.

Gold may come and go when it comes to the latest fashion trends, but gold jewelry is actually a wise investment, as the fashion world always ends up falling back in love with gold tones. Even after years of silver jewelry dominance, gold trendy jewelry always finds its way back to the top of the charts.

To keep that sparkle and shine in your gold jewelry, keep up on maintenance and cleaning, such as:

    1. To clean your jewelry properly, mix a little soap and water together and wipe the surface with a soft cloth. The soap should be mild and contain no phosphates of any kind. If you don’t clean your gold jewelry, you run the

How to Care for Your New Piercing

You may have started with pierced ears. That’s usually the first step since earrings for pierced ears are found everywhere. Then, maybe you ventured to your belly button and got that pierced. There are some very sexy belly button rings that are great to show off with that new outfit or bikini. For some, the next body part to be pierced is the tongue. It’s amazing all the styles of tongue rings that are available to show off your individuality. Try a Playboy branded barbell, a vibrating or diamond stud, or even a smiley face. Tongue rings come in many shapes and sizes. However, before you get to these fashionable options, you must go with a basic surgical steel barbell and take steps to properly care for your new piercing.

Your mouth has enzymes which naturally fight off bacteria so experiencing an infection from a tongue piercing is rare. In fact, more harm can be done to a new piercing by using too much of the mouthwash recommended. All that swishing could kill some of the useful natural enzymes in your mouth!

The best option is to rinse with the mouthwash no more than twice

How to Care For Your Well Loved Antique Furniture

Antique is in fashion nowadays… Everybody wants antique goods whether it is a set of jewelry or furnishings. Kept in the living room, the striking set of antique furniture was gifted to you by your grandpa, which he received from his father. Until your granny was alive, he used to take care of them but now you are worried about its maintenance, as you do not know how to care for antique wooden pieces. Don’t worry! We are here to assist you in better maintenance of your antique furnishings.

Nowadays, there are numerous materials available in market, which are useful in maintaining beauty and elegance of furniture. But when it comes to antique furniture, you need to be extra careful. While taking care of Antique Furniture, you must pay heed to following points-

• The furnishing should not be exposed in sunlight – To care for vintage furniture properly, you must not keep them at any place where they can be exposed to direct sunlight, as ultraviolet rays can cause a serious damage to the furniture. A direct exposure to UV rays can degrade the pieces by damaging its wood and fabrics. It can also

Care For Your Awesome Jewelries

If life can be compared to a show with opening, development, climax and ending, then keep in mind the belief that you are the leading role in your individual show. Though not every present might be that wonderful or magnificent, your present can be particular and different from that of any others. So you need not hind behind the curtains however just let your individuality shines.

In the event you occur to be a woman who stick to the pursuit of magnificence and persona, you must be eager for some jewelries which can be fairly and in the meantime particular to tell folks about your own individuality. Really apart from the expensive designer jewelries from the well-known style manufacturers you can seldom afford, you’ve got received some more terrific options. The chrome steel jewelries at the second are well-received by unnumbered shoppers across the globe. These stylish and low cost ornaments have change into must-have items for each true fashionista.

You’ll have seemed down upon the chrome steel jewelries. Effectively, it’s understandable, if you do not know them. But when you get to learn the fact that they are fabulously designed and enormously crafted, you

How to Care for Your Gold Wedding

Gold has been used in jewelry for centuries. It is attractive to wear and when set with gems is enhanced even further. A precious metal, gold has been revered ever since it was first discovered. It has been used to create jewelry, goblets and other household items and decorative objects. In some countries gold adorns religious temples. It is also worn in some cultures as a sign of wealth, in fact in some countries people literally wear their savings around their necks and on their fingers.

Gold in its pure form is a fairly soft metal. Because of this, it is often mixed with other metals to form a harder, stronger substance. This is especially helpful when it comes to fashioning gold rings as it helps to protect them from scratches and from being bent out of shape.

Traditionally, a gold wedding ring is exchanged between a man and woman when they marry in most Western cultures. While yellow gold is still a popular choice, many people also choose white gold these days, or another harder metal such as platinum. Wedding rings are generally worn all the time. Because of this, it is important to

How to Care for Jewelry

Jewelry is designed to be worn. That puts it in a very specific league, when it comes to display: like clothes, jewelry needs to be seen as it would be worn, otherwise people won’t buy it. Which is why choosing the right jewelry display stand is of paramount importance to any business selling necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches.

You definitely get confused in the immense and extensive diamond jewelry collections displayed on their counters. But you are sure to come out with some amazing diamond jewelry ready to please you whenever and wherever you wear it. There are jewelry collections for all the ages. You will find very pretty and cute jewelry pieces for your kids, then there are very fashionable and stylish jewelry collections for young people and for elderly people there are very decent jewelry collections.

It is always necessary to spend time and money on a jeweler to care for your gold jewelry. There are simple tips and tricks that you can use at your house to ensure that your jewelry will stay as beautiful and lustrous as the day you bought it. Restore the shine for the silver plainly and inexpensively

You Get the Best Fashi on Jewelry

When you talk about fashion, it is very obvious that what you are talking about includes jewelry. Fashion in the real essence of it means almost everything you put on your body when you are on the move. Some of the other aspects of the fashion life have been seen as being very normal and traditional. They include things like your clothes, shoes and wrist watches. On the other hand things like the full-time jewelry aspect of fashion have been seen as the extraordinary side of it. This has made it that people will now consider you as having fashioned up if you have your jewelry’s on.

There are a lot of wholesale fashion jewelry dealers in many locations around and they deal in lots of jewelry. You will get everything in the region of jewelry from them. You will agree with me that when it comes to the use of jewelry both for men and women, it is one of the things that you make use of in very large quantity and since these wholesale fashion jewelry sellers are there for you, you can now get sets of jewelry very cheap. There are firms that

You Can t Go Wrong With Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry is a general term that is used to refer to types of jewelry that are made from much cheaper materials like glass, bones and alloys whose prices cannot compare to the expensive diamond, gold or silver made jewelry. This is also referred to as costume jewelry and sometimes as imitation. This kind of jewelry is popular in the jewelry market since it is meant for style and fashion. Fashion jewelry is worn in most of life’s circumstances that include weddings and other regular events. There are various items that are associated with fashion jewelry. These items are the commonly used types of jewelry ranging from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and rings used for engagement purposes as well as wedding material. Due to the inexpensive variety of materials that make up fashion jewelry, the results of the same are reasonably priced jewelry. Fashion jewelry has many distinct colors too from the numerous materials it is made from. These associated colors bring about all the beauty one would require from their fashion jewelry.

Wholesale jewelry involves the selling of affordable and fashionable ornate products that have significant use in daily living. For beautification purposes that

The Outlook For Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Main Street and Wall Street seem to be marching to different drummers as Wall Street declares the recession may be over and Main Street experiences slowing sales. What can we expect as we approach fall?

One thing is certain-floor space and emphasis have switched to fashion accessories with less attention on apparel. The logic behind this move rests on the fact that accessories often have lower price points and have a smaller impact on the family budget as they provide “feel good” purchases to consumers hungry for a little something new to pick up their spirit. Besides accessories can give last year’s apparel a fresh look for this season.

Fashion jewelry is almost always the accessories that lead the field. Our statistics show that wholesale fashion jewelry shipping to retailers continues to exceed all other categories. The “lipstick effect” discovered by Estee Lauder in the recession of 1990 certainly plays into the continued popularity of costume jewelry. This discovery noticed that lipstick sales rose as high ticket items slowed during the 1990 recession in upscale department stores. The conclusion was that women don’t quit buying they just move to lower priced goods to provide a

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Something in the human spirit is always itching for independence and this itch translates to a constant flow of new entrepreneurs that so often gravitate towards fashion jewelry. What is so irresistible about this accessory? Beyond the high profit margins that wholesale fashion jewelry can open for retailers lies an intrinsic beauty that creates truly wearable art. Yes, wholesale fashion jewelry offers plenty of profit potential that enables retailers to turn small investments into the longest mark-up in the fashion industry, but the magic of fashion jewelry’s beauty stops consumers in their tracks and this magnetic attraction, more than anything else, brings the entrepreneur into retail sales specializing in jewelry.

Many of these new fashion jewelry businesses begin on the simplest level with retailers buying wholesale fashion jewelry and presenting it to friends and co-workers. Easy sales and new found profits ignite a fire to grow the business, but what step comes next? As a twenty-five year veteran of the wholesale fashion jewelry industry, I have seen business after business start in this way and often grow to become the major supplier of fashion accessories in a community. The learning curve never ends as fashion jewelry

Trendy and Affordable Discount Fashion Jewelry

In c

omparison with fine designer fashion jewelry discount fashion jewelry is typically made with less expense materials, such as inexpensive metals, stones and gems. Keep in mind that discount fashion jewelry is worn to keep up with the trends of modern fashions, while more expensive jewelry is a true investment as well as collectible and made for gift giving. This means that more individuals can decently afford the more reasonable prices of discount jewelry Being affordable, many individuals choose to purchase more jewelry pieces to match everything in their fashionable wardrobes.

Fashion jewelry changes regularly with the trends, since every now and again many individuals choose to wear pearls, silver, gold, copper, platinum as well as gold plated jewelry depending on the what’s hot list. The top trend setters are famous celebrities and other fashion icons. Decade to decade the fashion icons and their fads of favorite fashion jewelry and clothing will vary. Various types of jewelry and clothing will be popular in each decade. For instance, the classic pearl necklace became fashionable again when worn by the beautiful Julia Roberts. Other occurrences such as this are related to other countless celebrities as well. It

Affordable Superb and Practical Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry began as a form of jewelry that was pasted onto various dramatically decorative theater costumes, which was called costume jewelry and even paste jewelry. However, as the years past, an assortment of materials were utilized for fashioning some very unique and stunning jewelry pieces. Some of the various metals useful for making fashion jewelry included nickel, pewter, brass and lead. Sterling silver, silver and gold may be electroplated over other metals such as copper or brass, offering the appearance of more valuable pieces, while being inexpensive. Other types of materials for fashion jewelry may include, wood, Lucite, rhinestones, or simulated gemstones, semi-precious stones as well as various crystals and lab created gemstones.

Since jewelry that is fashionable for celebrities, is the most often sought by the general public, many jewelry designers are regularly creating less expensive fashion jewelry that are similar in appearance to that of the designer jewelry worn by the celebrities. This means that even though the majority may not be able to afford such luxurious designer brand jewelry types, they may find their designer replicas to be more wallet friendly. For instance, take a look into the pages of many popular

Finding Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is a joy to wear. Women have been creating, buying and wearing fashion ornaments as soon as they are old enough to understand fashion. Not like the more expensive fine jewelry, fashion jewelry can be made in countless forms and from various materials such as paper and beads made of plastic, normal glass, metal, stone. There are also people who can create jewelry from garbage. Fashion jewelry can make you easily choose your fashion identity.

These days, wearing fashion jewelry is common whereas before, people feel inferior if they wear fashion or costume jewelry instead of the fine ones. Women are more practical now, realizing that they can make their fashion statements with pieces that look elegant, attractive, and do not cost much money. Following are some tips in finding and wearing fashion jewelry made of out of any material that you can think of.

1. Go vintage shopping. Here you can find attractive designs that you cannot find in fine jewelry. You can be sure that these pieces are durable because they have lasted this long, and the beauty of vintage shopping for fashion jewelry is you get it without overshooting your